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Woolf Women follows a group of courageous young women who embark on a risky, adrenaline fuelled expedition from Austria to Turkey, skateboarding downhill at speeds of up to 70 mph.

Never before done, this thrilling and insightful modern-day Odyssey champions a movement of free spirit and being at one with the environment, while also taking the women and the audience on an emotional journey of closure after the unexpected and sudden loss of one of the women's father.


Capturing the pure essence and spirit of the adventure, together with all the unforeseen events and incidents that arise, it will reveal unedited raw emotions alongside behind the scenes footage, to provide a deep insight of the women taking part.

Jennifer Schauerte, writer and director, is the world n° 2 International Pro female skater.

Feature Documentary - In Post Production

In co-production with 2Dare2 Productions Ltd (UK)

Writer/Directors: Jennifer Schauerte & Marchella De Angelis

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