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Never Alone wraps shooting

November 2023

Klaus Härö's 'Never Alone' wraps shooting.


Never Alone begins shooting

September 2023

Production of Klaus Härö's 'Never Alone' has begun in Estonia.


Uppercut closes the 30th Oldenburg International Film Festival

September 2023

Torsten Rüther’s ‘Uppercut’, starring Mission Impossible’s Ving Rhames opposite Leberhaken’s Luise Großmann, closed the 30th Oldenburg International Film Festival!


Die Akademie / The Academy wraps shooting

August 2023

And… it’s a WRAP for Camilla Guttner's debut feature film Die Akademie / The Academy, produced by Schiwago Film, Penned Pictures and SuperCine.


Finnish funding for Never Alone

March 2023

Our international feature project 'Never Alone' in co-production with Finland's MRP Matila Röhr Productions OY, has been granted 800,000 € in production support by the Finnish Film Foundation.


Leberhaken is now a Paramount+ Original

February 2023

Great news for Torsten Rüther's debut feature, Leberhaken, starring Hardy Daniel Krüger and Luise Großmann that opened the 2021 Internationales Filmfest Oldenburg and that is now a Paramount+ original in Germany.


ARD shortlists "Sohail - the lost child" for their 2022 Documentary Film Competition

October 2022

"Sohail – Das verlorene Kind" (Sohail - the lost child) aka "Kabul 8/15", was shortlisted by the Consortium of German Public Broadcasters "ARD" as one of the five finalists of their 2022 Documentary Film Competition.


Josef Brandmaier at MediaTech SPRINT workshop

September 2022

As the industry evolves along with media technology, Penned Pictures' Josef Brandmaier was selected to participate in the MediaTech SPRINT workshop of this year's MediaTech Hub Conference in Babelsberg.


Success for Josef Brandmaier at the Deutscher Filmpreis/German Film Awards

June 2022

Congratulations to Penned Pictures' own Josef Brandmaier, executive producer of 'Die Schule der magischen Tiere/School of Magical Animals'.


Requiem for a Robot - Cannes Frontières Market

May 2022

"Requiem for a Robot" at the Frontières market of the 2022 Festival de Cannes.

White Spot Films - Here Comes Mavo!

May 2022

White Spot Films' Jan Bonath and Penned Pictures’ Josef Brandmaier were in Washington DC for the press announcement of 'Here Comes Mavo!'


'My Way' rated Particularly valuable

December 2021

Jakob Gatzka's award winning documentary, My Way, has just been given the highest rating of 'Prädikat besonders wertvoll' (Particularly valuable)...

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