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Along with our sister companies..

Uni Finance Media

Toruk Media

John Doe Agency

...we are able to offer the following services

Script and story consultancy
IP development services

Budgeting forecasts


Financing and structured finance consultancy for media projects

Company assessments

Consultancy regarding subsidies and government support

Production management
Post production supervision
Digital data and asset management

Product development, design and manufacturing
Merchandise budgeting and forecasting
Brand partnerships

International Co-productions

Our group of companies brings a wealth of expertise and the benefits of having a German production partner to International co-productions, be it at the level of development, finance, production or distribution.


In order to facilitate the development of Sino-German co-productions, strategic partnerships have also been established with members of the Chinese film industry, assisted by a 'China-specific' team with solid experience of both the Chinese film industry and cultural exchanges between the two countries.​ More... 妙笔映画

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