Villa Aurora is a dramatic cocktail of fact and fiction based on the time that Thomas Mann and Bertolt Brecht spent at the Los Angeles Villa of German-Jewish author Lion Feuchtwanger and his wife Marta during the second world war.


In 2000, a young German dancer named Aurora arrives at the villa, now a conservatory for developing artists, eager to begin her three month fellowship in modern dance. Aurora's unexpected discovery of a portrait in the villa's storeroom of a 1940's dancer perplexes and intrigues her, leading to the revelation of a shocking event in her heritage that will change her life forever.

In development

In co-production with Rock 'n Read Productions (US).

Writer: Tamar Simon Hoffs

Director: Tamar Simon Hoffs

Co-Producer: Carolyn Pfeiffer Bradshaw

Attached Cast: Malcolm McDowell