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Accompanied by Celso, his best friend and music partner, Nicholas Babastro, a Cuban-American musician, returns to New York after a four year journey in Havana, filled with emotional turmoil, that nevertheless allowed him to reconnect with his roots and the essence of his music.

It could be a normal tale of two buddies who undertake a common journey, if it were not for the fact that Celso travels in a handkerchief, sometimes in Nicholas' pocket and sometimes in his backpack. Other times, he is cradled in Nicholas' hand or even occupies the seat right next to him, if one is available. Celso is always with Nicholas, but he doesn't talk, doesn't move, doesn't play or compose music anymore, because Celso is dead.

Celso passed away a few months ago, yet Nicholas carries his ashes with him everywhere he goes, truly believing that Celso communicates with him and even gives him advice when it's needed.

Nicholas and Celso had vowed that one day they would take their music to America and search for Celso's estranged father in New York City. Nicolas' only clue being an old flyer from a Manhattan jazz club, he sets out to fulfil his promise through a journey that will see him taste a bitter-sweet cocktail of abandonment, despair, love, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Not only is Rumba Love a tale of Afro-Cuban culture, and a tradition of communicating with ancestors, but it also explores the roots of original Cuban music, the Rumba, Colunga, Guaguanco and Son Cubano, that all play an important part in the narration of this intimate story.

Feature - in post production

Length: 90 minutes

Writer / Director: Guillermo Iván

Cast: Guillermo Iván, Zair Montes, Ed Trucco, Ilean Almaguer, Erin Fogel, Alfredo Diaz, Osvaldo de León, Monte Bezell, Mauricio Bustamante

Producer: Josef Brandmaier

In Association with Golden Ceiba Productions (USA)

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