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An intense chamber play for two extraordinary actors, Torsten Ruether's debut feature LEBERHAKEN had its World Premiere at the 28th Oldenburg International Film Festival in September 2021, where it had the exceptional honour of being selected as the opening night film.

LEBERHAKEN is now available for streaming as a Paramount+ Original in Germany.

Dusk. Day fades slowly towards night, as a young woman, Steph (Luise Grossmann) seeks out Rick's boxing basement in Berlin-Wedding. She is insecure, wild, frustrated, and determined, craving recognition. Rick (Hardy Daniel Krueger) is a former heavyweight boxer, who once had everything a champ could need. Now, he is broken, disillusioned, and sick. She has a lot of potential, but is not there yet. When Steph confronts him with her unfiltered energy, his faded passion flares up again for one night. In the course of this night, two soulmates find each other, talk, train, struggle, fight, cry, and laugh. The result is wisdom, conflicts and injuries. She is pushed to her limit, and he is pushed beyond his.

LEBERHAKEN is action, dance, boxing and sweat.

LEBERHAKEN is life, tragedy, chance and failure.

LEBERHAKEN is female, male, human.

Feature - Paramount+ Original - premiered at the 28th Oldenburg International Film Festival

Length: 110 minutes

Writer / Director: Torsten Ruether

Cast: Hardy Daniel Krueger, Luise Grossmann

In Association with Hello Moment Productions (Germany)

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