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Partner - Development & Production, Animation

A renowned specialist in the field of animation films, between 2009 and 2021, Jan was Vice-Chairman of the German Film & TV Producers' Alliance (Produzentenallianz), and Chairman of the Animation Section, with a focus on improving the economic foundations of the German animation and VFX industry.

From 2007 until 2021, he was also a member of the Expert Panel of Animation Production Day (APD), a curated business platform for the European and international animation industry created jointly by the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) and the FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media.

Beginning his career as a freelance designer in the domain of visual communication and design, including a role as consultant for Sony Music, working on the development and production of interactive products, websites, advertising campaigns and music videos, Jan entered the industry of animation films when he founded both scopas Film GmbH and Trickfilmstudio clayart GmbH in 1994. Over the next 26 years, under his guidance, scopas developed and flourished, becoming scopas medien AG, with offices in Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg, producing animated, fictional and documentary feature films as well as television series.

During this time, as well as being active as a producer, responsible for the development, financing, and production of the projects, Jan was also behind the establishment and development of an animation studio in which most of the trades of animation production could be implemented in-house, be it through the techniques of stop-motion animation, 3D CGI animation, classic 2D animation and VFX.

Working with major co-production partners such as ZDF and Nikelodeon, Jan’s award-winning projects include, FRAU HOLLE (Grand Prix in the category Best Animated Fairy Tale, HIAFFF Festival 2005" (Japan) & Grand Prix in the category Best TV Film, CICDAF 2004" (China)), THE SANDMANN AND THE LOST SAND OF DREAMS (Best Animation for Children Award, International Film Festival NUEVA MIRADA/(NEW APPROACH 2011 (Argentina) & Best Screenplay Award KINDERTIGER 2011), JONALU - PRINZ DRECKSPATZ (German Children's Media Festival Goldener Spatz: Cinema-TV-Online, Award as Best Pre-School Programme 2010 & Winner of the Children's Media Award "White Elephant" Munich Film Festival 2012) and THE CAPTAIN OF NAKARA (nomination for the African Movie Academy Award, Official Competition Entry at the Warsaw Film Festival, the Montreal World Film Festival and the Pan African Film Festival 2012). Recent projects also include JONALU 3, JONALU THE FILM, MAT - MY ANIMATION TV, KNIGHT MOUSE and MARNIES WORLD.

In 2021, Jan entered Penned Pictures as both a partner and producer, and together with Penned Pictures, he also created White Spot Films GmbH, a company dedicated to the development and production of animated films.

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