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My Way is a feature length documentary that retraces the perilous journey undertaken by an Afghan refugee, Hussein Husseini, who was forced to flee his homeland in search of security and a better life.

After the Taliban raided his village in 2015, Hussein's family fled from Afghanistan to Iran. But Ghom offered no security for them. His father disappeared without trace and his mother was left with no choice but to let her son go, in search of another life. What begins as an adventure, becomes a long, dangerous journey from East to West, through Turkey, across the Mediterranean to Greece. Often lonely, always on the run. Surviving the underworld of Athens, he eventually finds his way to Germany.

Accompanied by German filmmaker, Jakob Gatzka, he agreed to retrace his journey. Beyond the journey, and its pitfalls, however, My Way also examines the loss of a person's homeland and the problems posed by the question of integration.

Shot in five countries, My Way also includes interviews with Claudia Roth (Vice-President of the German Bundestag), Joachim Herrmann (Interior Minister of Bavaria), Heinrich Bedford-Strohm (Bishop and President of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany), Christian Ude (Ex-Mayor of Munich), Natalie Amiri (ARD-Journalist und ex-Iran Correspondent) and many others, to shed light on the situation of refugees in Germany and Europe.

Completed: 2021

In co-production with Figurative Film (Germany)

In October  2021, My Way won the Award for the Best Documentary at the Filmtage Oberschwaben in Ravensburg, Germany.

My Way has also been selected for the official competition of the GZDOC (Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival) 2021, China.

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