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Partner - Production, Sales and Finance

A member of the European Film Academy, Josef is a veteran all-rounder of the movie industry, who started out as a film projectionist in a suburban theatre and was subsequently involved in theatre management as well as film marketing, before entering the film finance world.

For over 25 years he represented film financing banks and was a founding member of the BBF (Bayerischer Bankenfonds – Bavarian Banking Funds), a German public and private equity vehicle linked to several Bavarian subsidy organisations, of which he is still a member of the board.
For more than 20 years, he has also been serving as the industrial advisor and ICO of the Media Group of ‘Unicredit’, as well as representing a group of individual business angel investors. As such, he has organized structured finance for over 800 international film and TV projects, including blockbusters such as ‘Mission Impossible 2 & 3’, ‘Terminator 3’, ‘Tomb Raider’, and Eagle Eye, as well as award winning projects such as ‘Whale Rider’, ‘LA Crash’, ‘Downfall’ and ‘Nowhere in Africa’.

Besides financing, he has also been involved in P&A funding, sponsoring and product placement for movies such as ‘The Expendables 2 & 3’, ‘Jurassic World’, and ‘London has Fallen’, to name but a few.

In 2015, he founded Unifinance Media GmbH and Toruk Media, offering tailored financial services as an Executive Producer, as well as product placement, merchandising and distribution for feature films, and in 2018, Josef became a partner of Penned Pictures with a view to developing an activity as a producer.


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