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Hanging by a Thread is a powerful documentary that recounts the dramatic ordeal of five paragliding pilots who carefully plan an expedition to fly among the remote, soaring peaks of the Himalayas in 2016. It should be the experience of a lifetime, but for one of the group the adventure soon turns into a nightmarish struggle between life and death.

Together with four paragliding friends from Switzerland and Slovakia, Bodo Zimmermann, a professional paramedic and experienced paragliding pilot, embarks on an expedition in the Himalayas at 2800 meters above sea level.

The paragliding group sets their base camp next to the village of Matchail Mata, popularly known as the birthplace of Shiva, the god of destruction. The area is located at the borders of India and Pakistan, also known to be a politically sensitive environment where satellite phones are strictly forbidden.

Everything goes according to plan until, on November 11th, after four days of successful flying adventures, Bodo loses control of his brake and has a bad accident. Based on his paramedic knowledge, he diagnoses himself with multiple fractures to his lower limbs.

Aware that his life is hanging by a thread, far away from civilisation, his friends and the villagers from Matchail Mata begin a rescue mission, carrying him 400 meters back down to the base camp. Since there is no satellite or radio transmitting equipment, two of his friends split from the group and commence a 36-kilometer night-hike down to the bigger, neighbouring village Gulabghar. The other two friends stay with Bodo, trying their best to deal with his injuries.

Sheltered from the cold in the middle of the temple of Shiva, Bodo's struggle to stay alive is only beginning... 

Feature Documentary - In post-production

Length: 87 min. 

Cine Royal Productions (Switzerland)

Writer/Director: Caroline Wloka

Co-Production & Distribution: Penned Pictures

Languages: Swiss-German/German/English
Subtitle Language: English


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