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Set in 1942 when Finland was allied with Nazi Germany at war against the Soviet Union, Never Alone (Ei Koskaan Yksin) centres on the true story of the attempts by Abraham Stiller, a prominent member of the Jewish community in Finland, to stop the Finnish State Police handing over foreign Jewish refugees to the Gestapo to be deported to the death camps.

Written by Finnish director, Klaus Härö and Jimmy Karlsson, the screenplay is based on Rony Smolar’s 2003 biography of Abraham Stiller, Setä Stiller - Valpon ja Gestapon välissä.

Four of Härö's features have been chosen as Finland's submission for the best foreign-language film category at the Oscars, and his new drama, My Sailor My Love / Rakkaani merikapteeni, recently won the audience award at the Chicago International Film Festival.

In Post Production

In co-production with MRP Matila Röhr Productions (Finland), HOBAB (Sweden), Taska Film (Estonia) & Samsara Filmproduktion (Austria)

Writer: Klaus Härö & Jimmy Karlsson

Director: Klaus Härö

International Sales Agent: The Playmaker Munich

Distributor: Nordisk Film

Screen International 28 Nov 2022

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