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Sabrina LAUSE
Producer - Production, Docs and TV

Specialised in documentaries and non-scripted shows, Sabrina Lause is a Journalist, TV Editor and Content Producer who has worked for the TV industry since 1998 when she obtained her diploma as video reporter from the Bavarian Academy for Television.

With twenty years of experience in the profession, she has worked with many of the major German broadcasters such as RTL, Bayerischer Rundfunk and ProSiebenSat1 Media AG.

Among her credits is the long running documentary series "Welt der Wunder" (World of Wonders), and its international English language version, “Timeslot”, broadcast in 13 countries worldwide, including Discovery Channel Canada, for which Sabrina was responsible for Concept, English research and interviews with international scientists and experts, budgeting, the direction of foreign editions, overseeing editing, and the supervision of texts.

Tasked with the organisation and the direction of one-hour specials such as the "Mythical Creatures Special", she also managed all of the contributions for the ‘Future’ section of the multimedia app series “Digitale Wunder-Welt" (Digital wonder world).

Since 2014 Sabrina also worked as a freelance TV writer and journalist, developing her own topic suggestions and orders from external production companies for broadcasts such as "Galileo" (ProSieben) and "Heimatrauschen" (Bayerischer Rundfunk).

Sabrina is fluent in English, German and Hungarian.