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Mujō (無常: transience, impermanence)
Set primarily in Tokyo,
Mujō explores the tangibility of impermanence through the evolving, bittersweet relationship of two young Gaijin (foreigners). European ‘fish-out-of-water’, the shifting sands of their individual and intertwining journeys force them to discover far more than just the unfamiliar world around them. Against a backdrop of Japan’s hostess club subculture, and the antagonistic juxtaposition of cultural traditions and technological evolution, their tangled desires and ambitions are confronted with both the volatile and ineluctable nature of transience.

Mujō was one of six international feature projects chosen for the 2016 Capalbio Future Storyteller Lab, with mentorship from Colin Trevorrow.


Feature drama - In development

Writer: John Hörnschemeyer

Director: Cyrus Trafford