International Producer Forum - Hainan International Film Festival

December 2018

Josef Brandmaier was invited as a Guest Speaker at the International Producer Forum of the 1st Hainan International Film Festival held in Sanya, Hainan Province, China.


As the Chinese film market opens itself to international co-production, Josef was one of the Guest Speakers on a panel discussion on "Expanding Open Communication and Improving Film Quality" through international co-operation, along with Miao Xiaotian, President of China Film Co-Production Corporation, Yu Jianhong, Vice President of Beijing Film Academy, US producer Stephen Castor, and Liu Hongtao, CEO of Beijing Mahua Fun Age Entertainment.

Others panellists of the International Producer Forum included Academy Award winner, James Rygiel, Ren Zhonglun, Chairman of Shanghai Film Group, Yu Dong, chairman and president of Bona Film Group, French Film Producer, Philippe Bober, Guan Hailong, producer of Wolf Warriors II, and Ming Zhenjiang, Director of the 7th China Film Association.