German Delegation to China - Beijing, China

October 2019

Represented by John Hörnschemeyer, Penned Pictures was part of the Delegation of German funding organisations and film professionals that visited Beijing between the 15th and 19th October.

In anticipation of the signature of the international co-production treaty between Germany and China, and in collaboration with the Sino-European Association of film professionals, Bridging the Dragon, the delegation was received by the China Film Co-Production Corporation (CFCC), the China Film Group, the China Film Archive, and the German Embassy in Beijing. Visits to major production and service companies included, New Classics Media, iQiyi, Wanda Pictures, Gravity Pictures and More VFX.

The group also met with renowned Chinese directors, Zhang Wei and Lou Ye.

In parallel, John also participated in Bridging the Dragon's 5th Sino-European Project Lab as a tutor to the Chinese projects.


    德国电影资助机构和电影制作人代表团于2019年10月15日至19日在北京进行了专业访问。由约翰 . 霍舍迈耶代表的妙笔映画影视公司,也作为访华团的有机组成部分,参与了北京的活动。
    访华团在北京受到中国电影合作制片公司(CFCC)、中国电影集团公司、中国电影资料馆和德国驻中国大使馆的热情接待,并与由中欧电影专业人士组成的龙跃中欧制片人协会精诚合作,致力于促进中德国际合作影视制作协议的签署。访华团成员还拜访了大型制片及传媒和制作公司,其中包括新丽传媒集团有限公司、爱奇艺、万达影业、引力影视投资有限公司和More VFX视点映画。    

    与此同时,霍舍迈耶作为导师,还参与了龙跃中欧制片人协会第五届中欧影视制作项目的工作坊 。

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