Blickpunkt:Film article - GEMM Fund

June 2019

German film industry Magazine Blickpunkt:Film published a mediabiz article concerning Josef Brandmaier's involvement in the launch of the New Gender Equality & Diversity Film Fund, as well as Penned Pictures' involvement in the production of the Fund's first projects.

English translation

Film festival Presentation of the New Gender Equality & Diversity Film Fund

The Gender Equality & Diversity Film Fund was presented for the first time at the Festival de Cannes. It will now be presented for the first time in Germany at the Munich Film Festival.

27.06.2019 13:58 • von Jochen Müller

The newly launched Gender Equality & Diversity Film Fund, which was first presented at the Festival de Cannes, has set itself the goal of supporting gender equality across all genres of independent and mainstream films alike, imposing standards for the equal treatment of all production members and promoting the integration of minorities. The fund is planned for a term of ten years with a volume of EUR 100 million. It will only be made available to productions that commit themselves to the standards of fair production.

At the Munich Film Festival, the Gender Equality & Diversity Film Fund, due to open to the wider industry in early 2020, will be presented in Germany for the first time. Responsible for the presentation is the former HypoVereinsbank / Unicredit manager Josef Brandmaier, who heads the official representative of the fund in Germany, the newly founded company Unifinance Media Capital.

Speaking about the fund, he said that,"The idea of an economically sound investment while simultaneously improving the quality of work for all of the people working on a film is a long overdue measure. Interestingly, this initiative has been supported by investors who have so far avoided film as an investment opportunity. Negative reports about financial loses through media funds or unprofitable individual investments, combined with the scandals linked to the behaviour of famous actors, directors and producers have combined to show the media industry in a bad light. With the GEMM fund, we want to support profitable projects for our investors while also imposing a fair production process for all involved. As with other asset fields where value is now attached to the notion of sustainability, environmental compatibility and the conservation of our resources, we want to add value through the support and protection of minorities and those who find themselves in positions of inferiority."

Four projects that the fund will support were already presented at the Festival de Cannes. They included the French-Italian-German co-production "Everything can happen" with Michèle Laroque and Caterina Murino, which will be co-produced by the German production company Penned Pictures, headed by Josef Brandmaier and John Hörnschemeyer.